0 Bed, 1 Bath Commercial For Sale in Guardamar Del Segura, Alicante, Spain VGS73/4305ER

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Resale €300,000 EUR - Commercial
VGS73 / 4305ER Plot: 0 / Build: 117 0 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms
A great opportunity to own a commercial unit on the main road in Guardamar del Segura. This establishment has operated as a real estate office for over 17 years and since then has been used as an IT business, having said that you could open up almost any kind of business here. The car and foot traffic on this road is brilliant as it is the busiest road in Guardamar del Segura. There are all sorts of establishments neighbouring such as a perfume shop, mechanic, cafes and restaurants amongst others which ultimately bring a good amount of clients to the general area year round. The Guardamar Wednesday market which is popular amongst tourists and foreign nationals is located one street back from the unit therefore also bringing a lot of people to the area once a week throughout the year. The unit itself comprises of 117m2 of usable space which at the moment is divided in 3 offices at the front of the building (which can easily be made into one big space) plus a further 3 storage rooms in the back which can also easily be converted into more office space if needed. There is a full bathroom in the unit and the furniture that has been left behind which includes a few desks, chairs and storage shelves are also included in the price. The electricity and water are both connected, the unit comes with ducted A/C and also a separate inverter unit in the main office too, so this establishment is ready to operate straight away. The security glass front window looks onto the main road plus there is a security electric blind which covers the main entrance too. This unit is located in the heart of Guardamar with one of the busiest restaurants "Jaen" almost opposite. The beach is walkable in about 10 minutes and the town hall square is reached within 5 minutes. Some of the establishments have requested to section off some of the parking spaces so they have access to some external space too.
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Vast Goed Spanje

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