5 Bed, 5 Bath Villa For Sale in Mojacar, Almeria, Spain VGS35/334

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Resale €2,250,000 EUR - Villa
VGS35 / 334 Plot: / Build: 5 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms
The Mena House is one of the great houses of southern Spain. Almost all other large homes along the coast have been eaten by the residents and therefore lose its exclusivity, privacy and often their views. The Mena House is on the highest hill on the beach side of the road overlooking the Mediterranean, protected on all sides by thousands of square meters of gently sloping "park land" that protects it from development. Architecturally, the Mena House is completely unique. Designed by renowned British / California architect Geoffrey Challan, The Mena House was designed and built to connect the mountain environment and the sea with the famous 322 days of sunshine a year Almería. The low winter sun reaches well in every room through specially designed large window openings and clear history of providing effective passive solar heat and light. The summer sun, 18 degrees higher in the sky, kept short rays and openings, bringing the fresh sea breeze to enter. A series of private terraces surrounding the house, providing a sun space, no matter what time of year. Mena's unique position offers a 360 degree view of the Mediterranean coast and the mountains of Sierra Cabrera. The site borders a National Park and the prestigious 18 new golf holes in Las Macenas. One has a feeling of total tranquility and isolation, but in reality, all services are just minutes away. The Mena is a truly disabled and a unique opportunity to enjoy an unusual lifestyle. Beautifully designed residence located in the beachside of the main road between Mojacar and Carboneras. Closed, tree-lined private entrance. A privileged position with 360 degree views of beaches and mountains of Mojácar, on the border in a reserve area of ​​the park and along the golf course with 18 holes of The Macenas, located near the proposed new marina for yachts on Mojacar. The villa has 650 m2 of floor space and 200 m2 of Travertine marble, tiled terraces and balconies Viña facilities covered entrance. Covered porch with original tiles of the ancient Arabs Alhambra in Granada, entrance hall with white marble floor arches large windows overlooking the sea and coastal areas; Sunken formal reception room, almost two stories high, with floor to ceiling windows to enjoy stunning views of the coast. Marble seats and marble fireplace alcove. Tiles and equipped out bar, wardrobe assessment Marble tiles and toilet.


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